Personal Growth from the Theraputic Relationship

The theraputic relationships that I aim to build, by design, are suppportive and safe spaces for my clients to freely espress their feelings, explore their dynamic selves and relationships, and to experience mindfulness.  I'm interested in helping you to find a greater sense of harmony within a life full of ups and downs, daily challenges and monumental struggles. I don't have all the answers, but I'll ask you great questions. The gentle art of healing begins with mental, physical, and emotional awareness. Go with the flow and  you'll grow to feel better.

Yoga group

Mindfulness is the Key

Finding balance and maintaining it leads to personal health. Utilizing Art Therapy and many other proven techniques, I strive to help people to become self-aware and to feel whole. To accept one's self, as you are, without judgement, ought to help you to breathe freely.